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All our experience coming together to create an online business valuation tool that is easy to use

Our vision is that any person with a basic financial knowledge should be able to perform a business valuation, no matter how small the business. This is currently not feasible for most, however, and only large organizations can afford credible and quality business valuation reports. Why? Because business valuations can be quite technical and are typically performed by highly qualified and experienced business valuation specialists. This comes at a very high fee, so it is no surprise that organizations below a certain size just do not appoint specialists for a business valuation.

But demand is universal… Both small and large businesses have the need for valuations. Here’s the good news: most parts of the valuation calculation, although technical and sometimes complicated, can be standardized, which is what we have done! We have applied more than 20 years of valuation consulting experience, financial models and reports – that have withstood robust mergers and acquisitions negotiations, regulatory reviews, disputes and close scrutiny by shareholders – to bring you an easy-to-use and credible valuation tool : Worth.Business.

Best of all, our business is about enabling large numbers of all-sized subscribers to do quality valuations, not just a few large clients. This means our revenue is ultimately based on many customers paying small subscription fees, giving everyone the opportunity to perform valuations at an affordable cost.


About the Founders

Johann de Lange, Managing Director of Worth.Business, has a corporate finance consulting career that spans over more than 20 years. Valuations have always been central to corporate finance consulting engagements, so Johann has done them for a variety of reasons for small to large corporate clients. He also presented more than 50 seminars, workshops and corporate presentations on mergers and acquisition topics. Valuations were the cornerstone of these presentations.

Ernie Retief, Technical Director of Worth.Business, has 12 years of technical IT experience. He helped build GraphicMail from a small startup to become a successful international marketing tool. His experience with managing teams and system architecture will help make Worth.Business fast and secure.

Johann wants to share this knowledge with other financial professionals and business managers, and make it simple for them to perform online valuations.


Valuation methodologies are based on standard practice and market norms. Notes guide you to pick assumptions that are realistic and value multiples indicate the degree of reasonableness.


We developed the process with the user experience in mind. The input sheets are simple and quick to complete. Dashboards and reports are automated to ensure that you can do a valuation in no time!


No need for long reports padded with endless ratios and jargon. Just the relevant information presented in a summary or, if more detail is needed, generate a to-the-point white labelled report.

Manage value by knowing value

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