Business valuation – online training course

Business valuations – From theory to practice

A quintessential, complimentary two-part webinar for all financial professionals.

When: 15/02/2022

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Price: Free

Course Summary

Is business value determined by skilled negotiators or is it an accurate and well-founded calculation performed by a skilled valuer?

There are two schools of thought on the determination of the value of a business:

  • One end of the spectrum argues that the business value is determined by the strongest negotiator of the different parties to a transaction.
  • The opposite argument is that the business value is determined by an objective mathematical calculation. In other words, the cold, hard facts.

The expert training session in this course addresses the underlying theory that informs the calculation of a business value, and then relates it to a willing buyer and willing seller negotiation scenario:

  • The session is hands-on and practical as it enables participants to conduct an actual business valuation – based on a case study.
  • Different scenarios, from the buyer and seller’s perspective, are considered during the exercise – to define a simulated negotiation range.
  • For step-by-step participation with the training exercise, participants are given access to register for a free trial of the Worth.Business online business valuation application.

This free training course, which was originally presented to SAICA members, has been enhanced further and is now presented directly by Worth.Business Director Johann de Lange – in two compact, impactful parts, with a collective duration of three hours.

Who should attend?

Any financial professional with adequate theoretical accounting background and experience, including the likes of:

  • Accountants and auditors in practise
  • Financial consultants (management, corporate finance, business, etc.)
  • Financial professionals in commerce (CEOs, CFOs, FDs, financial managers and accountants)
  • Business brokers
  • Financial services professionals (insurance brokers, family offices, wealth planners, financial planners)
  • Investment consultants and fund managers (specifically those who specialise in private equity and venture capital) 

What will you learn?

You should not only be able to refresh your existing knowledge of the underlying theory of business valuations – but also gain new insights in how this relates to the negotiation process. As a bonus, you will gain the know-how to conduct a business valuation on the Worth.Business online platform – which is substantially easier, quicker and more cost-effective than a traditional business valuation process. 

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Course content:

Part 1:

A discussion of the basic theory of business valuations (±90 minutes, including a comfort break and live Q&As). Topics include:

Part 2:

This consists of a recorded demo of conducting a business valuation on the Worth.Business online platform, including a live discussion afterwards (± 60 minutes)

All participants who registered for the training session, will receive a case study and notes of the valuation demonstrated – in advance. Participants are also requested to register for a free trial of the Worth.Business online business valuation application, to view an actual business valuation that is based on a case study – during the exercise. Our notes include a step-by step ‘how to’ guide.

This demonstration will include:

  • A step-by-step illustration to select relevant information and submit it on the Worth.Business valuation platform
  • Interpretation of initial valuation calculation results
  • Applying reasonableness checks and refining the valuation
  • Compiling a report
  • Calculating a negotiation range
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Training facilitator

M Comm, CA(SA)

Founder: Intellifin, Pollination Capital and Worth.Business

With hands-on involvement in corporate finance since 1998, Johann brings more than 20 years’ experience in listings, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), management buy-outs, leverage buy-outs, private equity, capital raising, etc. to the table.

He founded Intellifin in 2003, offering expert consulting services to various medium to large companies on corporate finance matters such as valuations, due diligence, transaction structuring and M&A transaction support. He later established Pollination Capital to facilitate M&A transactions, specifically for small and medium enterprises.

Most recently, Johann founded Worth.Business, an online business valuation application. This application equips valuers with a quick and easy, technically sound and cost-effective way to do business valuations. Johann leverages the deep insights he gained of M&A and valuations over the years, to add value for subscribers of Worth.Business, through consulting, training and support.

Johann is also a seasoned speaker on financial-related topics such as financial due diligence, forecasting and budgeting, M&A strategy, business valuations and synergy benefits. To date, he has presented at more than 60 corporate finance-related seminars in South Africa’s major business centres, as well as abroad, in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

When Johann is not busy, he loves to spend quality time with his nearest and dearest and make the most of the favourable South African weather, by taking part in sports and outdoor activities such as squash, surfing, golf, and scuba diving.