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Help your clients to do business valuations

You are your clients’ professional partner of choice. Trusted to guide them through difficult financial decisions. The state of their balance sheet depends on your advice and inputs. What are the values of those subsidiaries on the balance sheet? Are they contributing or dragging down the group value? Do they need to be impaired? Are their buy and sell insurance policies adequate?

Auditors must rely on credible company valuations to assess the necessity to impair, or adjust investments, or goodwill at year-end. Business valuations are also critical for smaller auditors and accountants, who have a consulting relationship with their clients and provide guidance when it comes to financial strategy, tax planning, estate planning or even buy-and-sell policies.

Using the online business valuation application offered by Worth.Business, accountants can increase their service offering to clients. Based on credible valuation methodologies, the application allows any suitably skilled financial professional to conduct quality business valuations in a quick and easy manner.

  • Annual financial statements

  • Financial strategy

  • Tax planning and insurance

  • Wealth planning

  • Deceased estates

Adding value by knowing value

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