Effective online
business valuation platform
for auditors and accountants

Add tangible value for your clients with credible, business valuations

You are your clients’ professional partner of choice. They trust you to guide them through difficult financial decisions.

The state of their balance sheet predominantly depends on your advice and input.

What are the values of the subsidiaries on the balance sheet? Are they contributing to, or dragging down the group value? Do they need to be impaired? Is their buy-and-sell insurance policies adequate?

Credible online business valuation platform for when you and your clients need it most

Auditors rely on credible company valuations to assess the necessity to impair or adjust investments, or adjust goodwill at yearend.

Business valuations are also critical tools for smaller auditors and accountants who consult to their clients. It empowers them to provide guidance on critical business matters such as financial strategy, tax and estate planning, as well as buy-and-sell insurance policies

Valuation Services and M&A Support

As auditors and accountants, sometimes you would rather use an independent valuation expert or need specialist help with valuations. Our Valuation Services offer expertise for various valuation purposes and specifically also for IFRS3 Purchase Price Allocation and IAS36 Fair Value Assessment needed when preparing or auditing annual financial statements. Additionally, our M&A Support can assist you in navigating the intricate landscape of mergers and acquisitions. Outsourcing these specialised aspects can streamline your processes and complement your corporate finance consulting services to your clients.

Accurate, online business valuations.  Widely-accepted methodologies.

Expand and enhance your value proposition to your clients, by using Worth.Business, a credible online business valuation application, that incorporates leading valuation methodologies.

This cutting-edge application enables any skilled financial professional to conduct quality company valuations – quickly and easily – and at a fraction of the usual cost and time.

Worth.Business creates value for auditors and accountants

  • Annual financial statements

  • Financial strategy

  • Tax planning and insurance

  • Wealth planning

  • Deceased estates

  • Investment planning