Valuation of my business

What is the business worth?

What drives this value? How can it be grown? Diamonds or dogs in the group? Annual IAS36 valuations costing an arm and a leg? What to do?

The business environment is ever-changing, and management must be on alert for opportunities that may arise from a change in business value. Opportunities may include raising capital, implementing employment share schemes, attracting a strategic investor, restructuring the ownership, or selling subsidiaries in a group. Additional reasons for frequent valuations include: regulatory and risk management processes, such as annual impairment tests, update of buy-and sell policies or even the revaluation of assets. Valuations can be cumbersome and expensive if done independently or internally frequently through traditional processes. Worth.Business provides leading online company valuations which help business owners stay ahead of curve on business values.

  • Strategic decisions

  • Monitor and track value

  • Buy and sell policies

  • Annual impairment valuations

Growing value by knowing value

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