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Valuations and portfolio tracking a laborious affair?

Is monitoring portfolio value taking more time than creating portfolio value? Are you experiencing year-end impairments? It is your investment portfolio, own the process!

Business valuations are central to the investment process and post-investment monitoring by fund managers. Whilst the value of listed investments can be tracked on the markets, private companies and venture capital investments require comprehensive company valuations. Investment committees and directors need to be informed of business values before investing. Quarterly reports on portfolio performance need to be compiled. Annual adjustments need to be made to investment values when financial statements are compiled. The number of company valuations needed can be overwhelming, especially for private equity, venture capital and seed capital funds. Our online business valuation application can make a big difference to manage the fund manager’s workload!

  • Investment committee presentations

  • Monitoring value

  • Investment value adjustments

  • Year-end reporting

Portfolio growth by knowing value!

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