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Cloud-based management platforms represent a new era in business, with investors paying high premiums to be a part of the tech giants of tomorrow. With growth in the sector predicted to continue, on-demand software and cloud-based applications have forged a strong foothold in the global market. 

“Businesses offering this digital edge have seen their market values soar over the past few years,” says Johann de Lange, co-founder and Managing Director of online valuation application, Worth.Business. “The amount of investment and interest supporting start-ups in the software, cloud and technology sectors, is due to their proven potential for high growth and returns.”

Worth.Business was launched at the beginning of lockdown in 2020, to assist financial professionals and business owners in conducting frequent valuations to reflect the ongoing changes in the market. The platform allows for unlimited valuations, which can be kept on record and updated, to generate a new report based on the latest numbers, making it useful in uncertain times when valuations are prone to fluctuation, or where consultants perform valuations for multiple clients.

While the industry of online business valuations is still in its infancy, innovations in this space could mean big change for financial professionals. Traditional methods mostly require the development of financial models and reports, that need to be adjusted for each new valuation. The introduction of cloud-based platforms to the process, allows for a high degree of automation, once initial values have been uploaded.

“By removing the excessive administrative tasks and automating large portions of the process, valuations can become a routine part of assessing a business’s value. They can also be done more frequently, ensuring that values are up to date, and investors have a more in-depth overview of a company’s worth,” says de Lange.

Cloud-based platforms have gained popularity across industries; “It’s a new way of doing business that is streamlined, coordinated and smart. This is why we are seeing large interest and investment in start-ups that are developing technological solutions,” says de Lange.

To help financial professionals embrace a new approach to business valuations, Worth.Business offers complete transparency, with regards to their calculations and methodologies, demonstrating the true industry know-how that has gone into its development.

“In order to develop valuation calculations and reports that address many different scenarios and circumstances, our application was designed, based on the hundreds of valuations we’ve done for previous clients,” says de Lange.

To keep pace with ongoing changes to the way businesses operate in an online world, cloud-based platforms will become an essential part of any financial professional’s digital toolkit. Worth.Business eliminates cost and complexity as a barrier and make valuations accessible for a broader base of professionals with an accounting background to do business valuations, without having to be a specialist.

Worth.Business’ online platform allows financial and investment professionals to conduct fast, credible and accurate business valuations at a fraction of the cost.

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