historical and forecast periods

We are fast approaching financial year-ends for many businesses. 31 December is also a popular year-end, especially for companies that are part of an international group or those that align themselves with international business markets and practices. This means many companies will be busy finalising their financial statements.

This year there is a difference: Many companies will have to impair certain assets in terms of International Financial Reporting Standards, as adverse economic conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic would have had a negative impact on many assets, including investments, shares in associates or related companies, and goodwill. Business valuations will play a central role in the assessment of the necessity to impair or not. Business valuations can also play an important role at year-end to assess the impact of business decisions, budgets and strategies in value created for shareholders.
The need for business valuations for the above is discussed in more detail in a MoneyMarketing publication released last week.

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